Our Services

Freebird (fly through the cloud)

Home to your energy steering wheel. We’ll host your Energy system in the managed onsite server platform built & managed by NewLeaf, we are on-line, firewall protected and prepared for disaster. Managing these systems in house gives us massive flexibility. As we see it, an advantage over datacentre hosted systems.

Energy monitoring and analysis

 It is said “a picture paints a thousand words”

Energy Monitoring is simple. All you need is the real live picture of what we call the Utility-Tree.

The utilities to a building are fed through the power matrix of control panels, distribution boards, pipes and valves. If you can actually perceive this “Utility-Tree” through sub meters in its hierarchical structure then you can focus reductions on the branches hanging closest to the ground. This makes managing the energy simple. In our world everything is a picture.

Our products

Trend 963 & IQ View 8 [V-IQ] and Niagara graphics [V-aR] designed to the highest standard for the country’s biggest and best system integrators and some of the most “bespoke” residential developments you can imagine. We specialise in development of bureau systems and head ends, creating cohesion where it’s needed most. We host bureau service for 12 month “defects period” providing a seasonal commissioning “bolt-on” service to UK BMS Systems houses. We can also Monitor and validate a system during its defect in collusion with the systems specification. Make sure you are getting your monies worth.

BMS remote servicing setup.

We can work with you to set up a system that self-audits and monitors, reporting exceptions and alarm. We can turn your clients building into a smart “Robot” building or their estate into a smart self-managing estates and give them the keys back to control the system the way they want.