New Leaf Energy

To better service our partners and customers we are now operating a public facing “Cloud” Server running both the Niagara4 and the 963 Server platforms. This enables us to offer an innovative and ultra-modern energy monitoring and control solution perfectly tailored to your needs – and available wherever you are, from any internet-equipped smart phone, tablet, or laptop.

Our “Freebird Products” effectively offer the end user a personal energy supervisor, hosted on the web. Our bespoke visual solutions are designed using custom graphics and offer the user full control over every desired aspect of your property or building, showing only the aspects that you need, thus making the system useable by anyone and everyone with or without expert knowledge. No training required. This can include:

  • Energy monitoring
  • Multi-floor, multi-tenant control
  • Individual zone, per user control
  • Remote and automated servicing systems.
  • Seasonal commissioning
  • Remote BMS diagnostics
  • Remote re-commissioning
  • Just turning down your heating!

all on any device, anywhere…

We specialise in BMS interfacing and have coined and developed smart buildings interface, allowing multi floored, multi tenanted control over individual zone, per user control.

Our Partners